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Cookie Marketing Ideas

Making Real-life Connections to Market your Cookie Business

In the sea of online marketing advice, it can be hard to find specific cookie marketing ideas. Marketing your Home-Cookie Bakery Business has become easier than ever before thanks to social media and other online marketing methods, however online marketing isn't the only way to connect with your potential customers. The offline marketing strategies and person to person connections that have grown so many businesses in years past are still available and effective today. Try throwing these three offline cookie marketing ideas into your routine, and watch as your cookie decorating business is able to serve more customers.

3 Offline Decorated Cookie Marketing Ideas

1. Bring Sugar Cookie Samples to Your Regular Appointments and Events

Sharing your work in your community is a great way to market your cookie business! This cookie marketing idea is an easy one to throw into your regular routine when you have extra cookies (or practice cookies) on hand. Plus, you'll have the opportunity to make someone's day in addition to potentially finding new customers.

2. Connect with Complimentary Businesses in Your Area

Cookie marketing ideas aren't just for connecting with new customers. Connecting with businesses who serve similar customers can benefit both you and the other local business owner.

3. Attend Vendor Events to Sell Sugar Cookies

Vendor Events like farmers markets, bridal shows, and Christmas Craft Fairs are a great way to create visibility for your cookie decorating business. These events allow you to share your work with potential customers and gives them a chance to make a small purchase and get to know you which is likely to lead to more orders in the future!

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