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Cookie decorating, like life, is a journey, and in order to help you find the resources that will help you most along your path, I'd love to know where you are now. To get where we're going, it helps to know where you are! Click on one of the buttons below that bests describes where you feel you are in your cookie decorating journey to get started.

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Baby Bakers


Every Insta-famous cookier was once a beginner! For the folks just starting out, click here for tips on gathering supplies, making cookies, and creating that first batch!

Skill Builders


You're starting to get the hang of this thing, and now it's time to start really having some fun and getting creative! Time to learn some amazing new techniques (florals, transfers, writing, oh my!)

Consistency Conqueror

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ugh! Royal Icing Consistency! Can't deal with it-can't cookie without it! Skip the guessing and frustration and get right to the good part by nailing icing consistency !

Baking Up a Business


Baking is the easy part when it comes to cookie business! Click here for the support you need to grow your cookie business into a flexible, creative, and profitable cookie career!

Baby Bakers


Consistency Conquerors

Free Consistency Confidence Online Course

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Grow Your Skillset with The Cookie Classroom Program

Royal Icing Techniques

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Skill Builders


Business Tips for Cookiers

Cookie Packaging

Baking Up a Business


Get In Depth Training, Coaching and Community for Growing Your Successful Cookie Business with The Cookie Career Academy Program


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