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Get ready to start (or get serious about) 

Selling Sugar Cookies

Build a successful cookie decorating business from scratch  with the step-by- step Framework from Sarah Grace Roberts inside the Cookie Career Academy

So you can build a profitable business full of flexibility, freedom and fun all with babies at your feet from the comfort of your own home. 

I'm here to help you put the pieces together!

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Baking is the easy part! Am I right? I know that its the whole idea of setting up and growing social media accounts, branding, packaging, keeping track of finances, getting and keeping track of orders, vendor events, pricing your work, and ALL the things that make starting or finally fully pursuing your cookie decorating business scary. This course is created to help you feel confident in your business by breaking down the big idea of income earning into small, manageable steps and strategies

I and so many others have felt overwhelmed by starting and growing a home bakery. There are so many strategies, so many business gurus giving advice (that doesn’t really apply to your situation).  I didn't want a six figure business or to be the next Auntie Annie's, I just wanted a business that would allow me to contribute to my family income consistently while having the flexibility I knew I needed as a mom of young twins. Plus, through all this learning about business and throwing spaghetti at the wall, you’re supposed to be taking and fulfilling orders, caring for your own family, and remembering to brush your teeth? It really is too much! 

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There’s tons of advice out there on the web about marketing, finance, branding, and strategy, but that’s the 

There’s so much advice.

All these conflicting opinions can suck the joy right out of starting and growing your cookie business.


When I started my business, I thought that if I could just spend more time working that I would make more money. Turns out, all I did was stress myself out only to feel like the time I was pouring into this business wasn’t worth the return.

I had to learn how to 

focus the limited time I could devote to my cookie business

prioritize the things that earned the most profit with the least amount of time


Plan like a ninja to ensure the most important things fit into my weeks

My “little” home-based cookie

bakery allowed me to:

earn a flexible income while spending more time with my little boys

launch into a new chapter of my business helping others achieve their cookie decorating goals

And even contributed to my husband and I being able to pay off my car!


 I’ve spent the last year teaching creative ladies (and a couple fellas) how to decorate stunning sugar cookies, and throughout that time I’ve gotten to see the stories of their cookie businesses unfold. I remember the struggles I had in the beginning of my own cookie career, and I want to help you avoid those same struggles, and skip to the good part of running a profitable business you're proud of that

fills your cup instead of draining it

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I'd Like to Invite you to 

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 An in-depth program that walks you through starting and growing your cookie decorating business from scratch



For Cookie decorators who are ready to start ( or get serious about)     selling cookies and making    real,  reliable income with decorated sugar cookies.

You’ll learn how to

Turn powdered sugar into a payday without baking all day and all night

Organize your ideas to turn your dreams into a plan that fits your life and business 

Connect with other cookiers in a community of support and encouragement 

Design an online presence for your home bakery with easy to use “break and bake” templates for your website and ordering system.


Break and Bake Templates

The Order Dashboard System

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the course?

A simple system for saving you and your clients time during the ordering process and keeping track of all your order requests and upcoming orders in one place. This is an order request google form connected to a spreadsheet that is already built. All you have to do is make a copy, set it up to fit your business and brand, and start collecting order requests all in one place, so you aren't combing through every app on your phone to find order information. This easily integrates with any website (since it's a link), but the WIX Website Template (below) is already set up perfectly for this system.

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Ready-Made Wix Cookier

Website Template

This is a website (made specifically for cookiers) that is already built for you, so the hard part is done. All you'll need to do is come in and do the fun things like setting up your brand colors, adding your logo, add your own photos, and personalize the details to make a beautiful, customizable website. is the platform I've trusted for almost three years now to host my website, and I think it's the perfect way for you to create a stunning website without so much learning curve. Click the video below to see it in action.

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Powdered Sugar to PayDay

12 Video Series

This video series walks you through the most impactful things I did in my own cookie business, and how you can implement them in a way that works for your own life and business.

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 Dream Developer


Each page in the workbook is created to accompany a video in the Powdered Sugar to PayDay series, so you have a place to organize your ideas into a plan that moves your cookie business forward. There are 29 pages you can refer back to and use over and over to continue growing your cookie decorating business.

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One Year of Access to

The Cookie Career Academy Community

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An exclusive Facebook community where you’ll receive support directly from me (Sarah Grace) through monthly live coaching calls. Think of all the good info from my YouTube videos, but now I'll be able to answer questions about your cookie business. You'll connect with other like-minded cookiers on the same path to growing their dream home bakery as well as monthly guest speakers giving targeted advice to help you grow in life and business. 

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Grow Your Skills 

While You Grow Your Business!

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Unlock a new cookie decorating skill class each month, so you can master skills that will make you the go-to decorator in your area. Beautiful high quality cookies sell, and allow you to price your work as the premium edible art that it is. These classes give you the creative inspiration to help you create original designs for your own holiday sets or you're welcome to use the designs for every holiday and season included in the classes, so you can use your creative energy for growing your business!