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Quality cookies get noticed. Plain and simple. Whether they're at a baby shower, on an Insta feed, or in the hand of a customer, they are noticed and remembered. Suzie needs cookies for her wedding? Well, Aunt Sally knows the best baker in town because she saw their beautiful cookies at Jonie's baby shower last weekend! "Here, let me show you her Facebook page, hun", and before you know it, you've booked an order. Every business needs that something special that sets them apart from others in their space. Focusing on making your cookies stand out in your community by making them the most gorgeous ones around, is your something special. Being the best is a really special thing




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Becoming the "go-to" cookier has some other great benefits too. Your calendar gets real full, real fast and your ideal customers will be happy to pay a premium price for high quality work. All this starts with great technique! All SG Cookie classes focus on teaching specific techniques you can apply endless design ideas. You're an artist, so you can take or leave the demo set. I bet recreating someone else's design isn't your jam, but learning royal icing skills you can apply to your own, unique design, probably is. In short, a great cookie business starts with great cookies and great cookies start with great technique. Scroll down to start perfecting your technique and becoming the "go-to" in your community.


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WOW! I can't believe you can eat these! This is edible art! 


They were cute.