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Pricing Sugar Cookies

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

Pricing is one of the most difficult parts of beginning your cookie business and continuing to grow. Decorating Cookies with royal icing is time consuming and often, materials can be expensive. Knowing exactly what to charge for cookie decorating is crucial in running a profitable home cookie bakery.

"You've got to start thinking of cookie decorating more like a service based business. You should think of time as much like a cost of doing business as anything you'd go to the store and buy to make your cookies."

I found that pricing decorated sugar cookies by size and level of detail on cookies was just too time consuming during the order process. I streamlined and simplified my design and ordering process with a flat price as well as a set amount of designs with pre-determined levels of detail. When I had a price for what an average order of 1 dozen cookies would be, ordering, creating, and billing became so much simpler. Check out the video below to learn more about my pricing and design strategy.

Grab the FREE Sugar Cookie Pricing Guide Here!

Comment below with your pricing questions! I'd love to help!

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