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NEW Pay What You Can Pricing! 

We want to make the joy and opportunity of cookie decorating skills more accesible to everyone! That's why we've created the new pay what you can pricing model for the Cookie Classroom! Its the same great content, just a new way of purchasing, click below to learn more. 

The Step By Step Method for Decorating Stunning Sugar Cookies Like a Pro

Learn the beginner, intermediate, and advanced royal icing techniques to make your cookie decorating dreams a reality
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Hey Sweet Friend! 

Have you been looking for A: 
  • Creative Outlet
  • Potential Source of Flexible, Fun Income
  • Celebration of Life's Biggest Moments
  • Community of Creative Ladies supporting one another? 
Then, decorating cookies is for you!


I'm Sarah Grace

I'm a teacher turned cookie decorator, and here inside the Cookie Classroom course I've combined my love for the art of cookie decorating with my heart for passing along knowledge and seeing others grow! 

As a busy mom of young twin boys, I didn't have time for trial and error when I began my cookie decorating journey back in 2019. I wanted to get straight to the fun part- bringing my cookie designs to life! 

You're busy, and I know you have better ways to spend your time than trying to "figure it out on your own" and trying to put together the information from a million sources online, that's why I created the Cookie Classroom for you! 
Over 300,000
views on YouTube
Featured in Southern Living, Digital
Over 1900 students served

How Does It Work?

This isn't your typical virtual cookie class.

The Cookie Classroom goes beyond teaching you to replicate my cookie designs and guides you through mastering the most commonly used royal icing techniques so you can create your own unique and creative cookie designs with confidence! 

Show Me How


What's Included? 



Master the basics like baking no-spread cookies, making royal icing, and conquering royal icing consistency.


Intermediate Techniques

Make 3D designs come to life with Royal Icing Transfers. Then, learn to create amazing effects with Royal Icing Textures and stenciling. 


Beginner Techniques

Create colorful patterns with wet on wet design, and learn to paint on cookies with the watercolor technique! Pipe borders with royal icing 


Advanced Techniques

Write on cookies without a projector, and create stunning royal icing floral and greenery designs that look like they came straight from Pinterest or Instagram!


Bringing It Together

Practice your new skills with seasonal and holiday sets! You can use these design ideas to get your creative juices flowing or as an easy, ready to go design you can replicate for gatherings or holiday sales! 

16 Individual Workshops

Each with:

Step by step video instructions

Helpful pintables

Links to materials

Plus, plenty of encouragement to keep you excited to about cookie decorating!

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Plus, when you enroll today, you'll also get access to: 

The Cookie Coaching Vault Bonus Package!

A collection of coaching calls to help answer the questions you have about cookies that go beyond decorating. 

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  • Bonus 1 Working Ahead- Guidelines for icing and cookie freshness timelines with printable cheat sheet 

  • Bonus 2 Avoiding Overbooking-Finding more  Time in a Weekly Spreadsheet

  • Bonus 3 My Favorite Cookie Decorating Tools and How I use them 

  • Bonus 4 Cookie Supply Organization

  • Bonus 5 Mixing Icing in Bulk measurements and ratios for saving time

  • Bonus 6 Airbrushing Basics

Learn to Decorate Your Own Amazing Sugar Cookies! 

The step by step method for decorating custom sugar cookies with royal icing like a pro! 

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Here's what you get right now when you enroll in the Cookie Classroom: 

Lifetime Access to Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Royal Icing Technique Workshops              ($500 value)
The Cookie Coaching Vault- Six bonus video trainings and resources                                                 ($200 Value)
Access to growing comments and questions inside the course player from bakers like you!               ($ PRICELESS)


That's a total value of OVER $700!!



because I want to make the joy and opportunity of learning to decorate stunning sugar cookies more accesible to everyone regardless of financial situation, The Cookie Classroom is now a pay what you can course. 

I know that sounds a bit crazy, but trust me, there's no catch! Like anything in business, there are some costs associated with hosting the course. Anything you are able to pay will give you access to the same great course, no tiers or incentives. Choose what you pay, and it will be used to help me continue to create great free videos for the cookie community as well as covering the associated costs with hosting the course. Whether you're able to pay $1 or $100, I appreciate it just the same! 

To get started simply select the pricing you can comfortably pay below, and you'll receive access to the full Cookie Classroom Course.

For real, just pick the price you want to pay above, and you'll receive lifetime access to Cookie Classroom.

see all classes

See Each of The Workshops inside the Cookie Classroom

1. Will I need any prior skills or knowledge to be successful in the Cookie Classroom? 

No! The Classroom starts at the foundation of royal icing cookie decorating, icing consistency. You'll learn all you need to know to create incredible cookies!

2. How long will it take me to achieve mastery of the techniques in the cookie classroom? 

All classes are self paced and can be completed as you have time, so how fast or slow paced you'd like to go depends entirely on what YOU want. You can set your own timeframe!

3. Can I use the cookie designs demonstrated in the Cookie Classroom in cookies that I intend to sell? 

Absolutely! I love to see students get inspiration or even use the exact designs from my classes. I'd appreciate it if you could credit me in any posts you make on social media and help others learn about the Cookie Classroom by using #cookieclassroom or tagging @sarahgraceccookieco 

4. Is the investment for Cookie Classroom considered a business expense when I have a cookie decorating business? 

Absolutely! Always consult with your CPA to be sure (I'm not qualified to give tax advice), but its my understanding that any kind of personal development, training, or skill building directly related to your business is tax deductible.

5. Will the Cookie Classroom help me build a foundation for a future cookie decorating business?

It sure will! The cookie classroom is designed to put you on the fast track to creating high quality, gorgeous cookies, which are the foundation of a thriving cookie decorating business!

6. What if I don't plan to start a business and just want to learn to decorate pretty cookies? 

That's okay, too! You can still benefit from the classes inside the Cookie Classroom, just utilize the resources that are applicable to your unique dreams and goals. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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