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The Cookie Classroom Course

Learn To Decorate Stunning Sugar Cookies Step By Step

Perfect for the aspiring or growing cookie decorator, the Cookie Classroom walks you step by step through learning specific royal icing cookie decorating techniques, so you can make your own unique cookie designs come to life!

Bakery Brand Builder logo color.png

The Bakery Brand Builder

Build a Professional Brand for Your Baking Business on a DIY Budget with Ready Made Canva Templates

Logos, business cards, and color schemes are vital to helping your baking business stand out in a crowded marketplace, but making these assets doesn't have to be expensive or complicated with the Bakery Brand Builder! 


Cookie Career Academy

Start and Grow Your Successful Home Cookie Decorating Business

This course is basically a cookie business in a box, well everything, but the butter that is (semi-joking). All those "businessy" things that come with creating a successful cookie decorating business from home, so you can earn money doing what you love. 

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