A Cookie Decorator's Tool Kit

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

Finding and using the right tools changed my cookie decorating game! There are a few techniques that can be McGuivered with what you have at home, but many decorating methods are easier (not to mention prettier) when done with the proper equipment. This is my complete list of the tools I use while I'm decorating at home and teaching others in cookie decorating classes. These are affiliate links which means you pay what you would have anyway, but I receive a small commission from Amazon for recommending these items to you.

Tip-less piping bags

These are different from disposable piping bags!! While hobby lobby does sell rolls of disposable piping bags, they are not the same as the tip-less piping bags that make decorating cookies so much easier! I always buy these online, since I've yet to find a store near me that sells them.

Automatic bag sealer

This product is intended for butchers and paper boys, but cookie decorator's have found it extremely useful for tying up our many bags of icing. Since flooding cookies involves runny royal icing, the bag must be sealed tightly to avoid the icing running right out of the top. This does just that easily and quickly.

Gel food coloring

While I now use larger bottles to save cost, I stayed with a small Decorator's kit like this one for a long time. It gives a range of colors so you have a variety of options. I started with a basic package and mixed my own colors to match what I wanted.

If you want some additional color options without so much mixing, try this larger package of gel colors.

Cookie turntable

This is excellent for working on individual cookies one at a time or for placing under a sheet pan, so you can spin it around and flood the other side of the pan's cookies quickly.


You can order these scribes which come to about $1 each and are various neon colors. I like having these on hand.

However, since I decorate so many cookies, I prefer to have a scribe that feels more like the grip of my pencil like this one.

Kitchen Aid Mixer

I know this one is really expensive! My mom gave me my baby pink mixer for Christmas, and I cannot sing it's praises loud enough. The old girl has been through some things on this cookie decorating journey and she is still kicking. You cannot get fluffy, beautiful icing without one of these!

I hope these recommendations make your baking adventure a bit more fun! Let me know how I can help you make more beautiful cookies next! I'd love to hear from you in the comments!

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