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Finally Conquer Consistency

Consistency Confidence

Icing Consistency is the foundation of royal icing cookie decorating, and finally being able to reach the perfect consistency without all the guesswork was an absolute game-changer for me! I'd love to gift you with this free royal icing consistency class recorded live with real royal icing beginners. 

The SG Scoop Method allows you to skip the trial and error of mixing icing to consistency and get right to the fun part...the decorating! 

A Gift For You! 

Lesson 1

Supply Lists- all the ingredients, equipment, and gadgets that make making and bagging icing easier and less stressful. Plus, you know I have those Amazon links built in for you. No need to go on a goose chase! 


Lesson 2

Class Guide PDF

  • RI Recipe Card

  • Tips for making a great batch of icing every time

  • 4 Consistencies breakdown

  • Printable Consistency gauge

  • Common Issues-troubleshooting guide

  • Practice templates, each consistency

cc 1.PNG

The Class:

Live recorded step by step  instructional videos for making icing, using the SG Scoop Method to reach the right consistency, how to know when you've reached the right consistency, bagging, practice piping with tip-less piping bags, and troubleshooting.

Lesson 3

No Stand Mixer? No Problem!

I love my KitchenAid, but I know they aren't always readily accessible. So, I created this quick video guide for making great royal icing (and avoid air bubbles) when using a hand mixer.

Lesson 4

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