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Royal Icing Consistency Gauge- How to get Royal Icing Consistency Right Every Single Time

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

Do you struggle to get your icing consistency to be well... consistent? We all do! Consistency is hands down one of the hardest parts of learning to decorate cookies. Even seasoned pros have days when it just doesn't mix up the way we want! So many factors can influence your icing, which makes it hard to thin icing to the texture you prefer to work with in the same way each time you decorate.

This part of the learning process is a thorn in every decorators side, so I made the royal icing consistency gauge! You can click the image to download now!

This printable gauge lets you see before you start decorating and using precious cookies if your icing is ready to go! I know the frustration of having fabulous cookie ideas that just don't translate into reality because of icing that just wasn't quite right. I know the physical pain of starting all over again (okay, I'm dramatic, but for real, it stinks!)

Here's what you'll need to make sure you're icing is on point:

  • the Free Icing Gauge Download printed on paper or cardstock

  • a page protector

  • A clipboard or notebook and paperclip

  • a cup or bowl (something sturdy to hold the clipboard at a 90 degree angle on the counter)

  • a 30 second timer (I use the one on my phone)

Here are some examples of the Royal Icing Gauge in action. All you have to do is pipe a little circle (there's a circle template already there for you), set a timer, and watch to see how far the icing runs down. If it hits the line with 20 sec. or 10 sec. depending on what consistency you're shooting for, you're all set!

This gauge touches briefly on mixing icing to the right consistency. Its mostly about knowing you have it right and being able to adjust accordingly. For a more in depth look at creating the consistency you need, see this video.

I found it was easier to pipe onto the gauge if I braced it with something. I think twin moms and cookie decorators should get to grow an extra set of hands, that's just my opinion.

I like to use just a small bit of icing in each bag to avoid having to empty it all out and start over if my consistency isn't right.

I hope you check it out, and let me know how it goes! If you use the gauge and like it, I'd love it if you'd snap a picture and tag Sarah Grace Cookie Co on your social media post!

If you’re looking to master Royal Icing consistency, check out this quick, easy online class. Its a workshop that was recorded live with real Royal icing beginners, and now it’s available as a class, so you can finally conquer consistency! In the workshop, I teach the SG Scoop method which is my way of getting icing closer to the perfect flood consistency faster and simpler with a basic ice cream scoop. Click the image below to learn more!

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