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Flower Cookies Bouquet For my Great-Grandmother's 100th Birthday!

Welcome back, cookie enthusiasts! Today, I'm thrilled to share a delightful project with you: crafting a stunning spring cookie bouquet. This bouquet was a heartfelt addition to my great-grandmother's 100th birthday celebration, making it even more special.

flower cookies bouquet flower cookie pops birthday cookies

Known affectionately as Granny Lorene, she's been an inspiration to me, passing down her love for baking, gardening, and flowers. Creating these cookies for her milestone birthday was a true joy and a tribute to her influence on my life.

Getting Back to Baking Decorated Sugar Cookies After a Break:

Before we dive into the cookie decorating process, I want to address something many of you have been wondering: am I still posting on YouTube and creating cookie content? After taking a break due to burnout, I'm excited to announce that I'm back! Cookie decorating has always been a passion of mine, but like many of you, I've experienced cycles of burnout. However, with renewed energy and creativity, I'm eager to share more cookie decorating videos with you all.

Crafting the Flower Cookies:

Now, let's talk about how I created these beautiful flower cookies. As with my other sugar cookie dough recipes, I roll out the dough between parchment paper sheets and freeze it before cutting out shapes. For these flower cookies, I pressed the popsicle sticks into the dough before baking to make them stand up like a bouquet. Once baked, the popsicle sticks are securely in place, ready for decorating.

I love this cookie turn table from amazon. It allows me to turn the cookies easily, which is perfect for piping flowers like the ones in this bouquet!

These Tipless Bags allow me to create those easy leaf shapes by cutting a "V" shape at the end of the bag and I used similar piping tips to these to create the petals.

The most important tool in my kitchen for creating gorgeous flower cookie bouquets is the Kitchen Aid Mixer, because it makes creating the fluffiest royal icing for crafting realistic petals a four-minute job.

Best Mixer for decorated sugar cookies
Kitchen Aid Mixer

Adding Personal Touches to Decorated Flower Cookies :

To add a personal touch to the bouquet, I also included smaller cookies shaped like birds. These were a spur-of-the-moment creation using leftover icing, showcasing the versatility of cookie decorating. With varying pressure on the piping bag, I created different shapes and thicknesses to resemble cute little birds because Granny Lorene loves birds.

Flower Cookies

Assembling the Sugar Cookies Flowers Bouquet:

To assemble the cookie bouquet, I placed the decorated cookies on popsicle sticks into a flower pot filled with Styrofoam. I arranged them with care, ensuring the prettiest cookies were prominently displayed. Surrounding the cookies with fake flowers, greenery, and moss added to the whimsical charm of the bouquet.

Crafting this flower cookie bouquet was not only a fun project but also a meaningful tribute to my great-grandmother's love for baking and gardening. I hope this tutorial has inspired you to embark on your own cookie decorating journey. Remember, even if your first attempt doesn't go as planned, don't be discouraged—cookie decorating is all about creativity and perseverance.

If you enjoyed this tutorial and want to see more cookie decorating blogs, don't forget you can check out more helpful cookie content here on the blog as well as on my YouTube channel.

Thank you for joining me on this cookie decorating adventure, and may your days be filled with sweetness and creativity!

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