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Want to get straight to the fun part? That part of baking and business where you feel great about the cookies you're sending out the door. The part where you stop feeling like you're working so hard for so little and finally feel like you're running your cookie business instead of the other way around? I can help with that! Easy to follow online royal icing cookie decorating classes will help you master your craft while digital products and education for cookie business owners will help you turn powdered sugar into profit. 



Online Cookie Decorating 

All SG Cookie Classes are designed to teach specific royal icing decorating techniques like consistency, wet on wet design, florals, textures and more. You'll learn techniques you can apply to any design any time of the year with demonstration sets created to inspire you through every season. Learn Royal Icing Textures with a fabulous Fall Harvest cookie set you can use as a template or as inspiration for your next Fall Farmer's Market pop up shop or master wet on wet technique with the Mother's Day Cookie Bouquet Class and bring joy to the moms in your community this Mother's Day by offering a bouquet pre-order. The possibilities are endless! Each class includes high quality, video demonstrations and helpful PDF guides. 

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Want to create a profitable cookie decorating business that doesn't make you feel like you have to sacrifice time with family, sleep, and sanity to make it worth while? I've created resources, guides, and templates to help you do just that!

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Let's get down to business....your cookie business!

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