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No more blobs! How to keep cookies from spreading

Updated: Apr 15, 2023

Have you ever put a perfect, beautiful snowman shape into the oven only too pull out something from a Rorschach test that is decidedly NOT a snowman? Yeah, me too. My first cookie decorating attempt began something like that, and ended with me in a pile of icing on the floor crying before heading to the local Piggley Wiggly to buy brownie mix. Don't get discouraged because your cookies have gone the way of the wicked witch of the West and melted into a puddle on the pan. I have some tips that will help them stay tight and toned.

1 Corn starch

Using corn starch in your dough is the easiest way to ensure the edges of your cookie are sharp and clear. I want to look at where the bottom of my cookie and the edge meet and see a 90 degree angle. There isn't much you can do that will cause yout cookies to become the dreaded blob if you add this ingredient. I learned this from The Preppy Kitchen blog. I've been using his sugar cookie recipe since I started making cookies. I'm linking it here

2.. Hold up... Freeze.

I roll my dough out while it's at room temperature using a silpat mat on bottom with parchment paper on top. Then I flip the mat, add another piece of parchment on top, and put all that jazz into the freezer on a flat baking sheet. The whole kitten caboodle is usually perched atop a giant bag of ready to cook frozen French fries from Sams. Freezing the dough makes for easier cutting and again sharp ,clear edges that you can take a protractor to.

3. Give it a rest!

Don't go messing with your cookies as soon as they leave the oven. Those girls are like me getting myself and my toddlers ready for church: hot, irritated, and in a delicate state! Leave them on the pan before you go trying to move then around. Let then cool for at least 5-10 minutes before touching them to maintain the gorgeous edges we have worked so hard for.

Best of luck! I hope your edges look as sharp as you do when you're rocking that apron!

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