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How to Make a Floral Tombstone Cookie

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

Y'all know that its all I can do to make a cookie without flowers on it. Halloween tombstone cookies are no exception! I cut this cookie by splicing together a mason jar cutter (which I had turned upside down) and a sweet silhouettes flower cutter. It was fairly simple to make after that, and I thought it looked great with my Day of the Dead Cookies for the October Class. Here's how I made it!

  1. Flood the body of the tombstone with black or dark grey icing.

I used a dark color here, because I wanted to paint over it with white to create a weathered effect. For my best tips on icing consistency and flooding, check out this live royal icing masterclass.

2. Pipe the flowers, slightly overlapping onto the edge of the tombstone.

I use an Ateco tip 121 and a turn table to pipe curved petals all around to create the flower shape. I like to stick with the odd number rule for flower petals. If you use 3 or 5 petals, flowers tend to look more natural i think. My flower consistency was a bit softer than I like for it to be, but I thought they still turned out pretty.

For a better look at the flower piping process, check out the accompanying Youtube video!

3. Use thick consistency pale green icing to create the leafy vines around the flowers.

These pretty decorative vine shapes are easy to create. Just push icing out of the bag, then pull back to form the teardrop like shape of the leaf. Then repeat alternating the angle of each leaf.. I also like to use this same icing to add a few small dots to the centers of my flowers (also in odd number quantities), To mix this pretty pale green color, I mixed a very small amount of yellow and black gel food coloring into my thick icing. I think it makes a more natural green than straight out of the bottle green icing which can look too bright.

4. Make the Leaves.

Using thick green consistency icing i cut the shape of a "V" facing away from me at the tip of the bag. This makes a beautiful leaf shape. Place leaves wherever there is an empty space. For the darker green, I add just a touch (maybe the tip of a toothpick) more black food coloring.

5. Use white food coloring and a somewhat raggedy, small brush to write R.I.P on the tombstone.

Don't get hung up on this looking neat or perfect. Its supposed to look old and weathered.

6. Use that same brush to add white all around the edges to create a weathered look on the tombstone.

Thanks for Decorating with me! You can Download the step by step, one page decorating guide here.

Complete the set!

If you'd like to decorate the complete set of day of the dead cookies, check out the upcoming October class!

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