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Like Stickers for Cookies

RI Transfers

Transfers are an absolute gift for cookiers. Creating decorations off the cookie allows you more control over your decoration, let's you create intricate 3D shapes, and means you can work ahead and save time by having transfers ready to go (eliminating extra dry time). In this class I walk you through all the basics of creating, lifting, and applying transfers as well as how to create your own transfer templates using the free online tool, Canva. Included in this class

  • PDF guide with transfer template for this set, links to supplies, icing mixing and coloring guide, and a quick tips cheat sheet

  • Video guide to baking, set up, and consistency 

  • Video Guide (where I take you inside my computer) to show you how to make and print your own transfer template designs 

  • Step by step video instructions for piping, peeling, and applying transfers

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