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Tricks for Fabulous RI Florals

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

When in doubt, just make a flower. These fabulous florals are one of the most beautiful cookie designs in my opinion, but they can be a bit intimidating to try. There are a few key things to remember when planting your royal icing flower garden:

1. Use thick consistency icing- You want to make sure your icing has stiff peaks so that it will show the detail of the petal tip you're using. If there's any "flow" at all in your icing, those petals are going to run together and you wont get those beautiful distinct petals we all love. It may be a bit more difficult to squeeze from the piping bag, but it is worth it! If you're using my royal icing recipe, you'll want to grab it right out of the mixer without adding any water for perfect consistency.

2. Make sure your icing is super fresh- This is not the time to make icing in advance! The fresher the icing , the fluffier and more realistic the flowers will be! If its been more than an hour since you made the icing, put it back in the mixer with the paddle attachment, and give it a buzz to revive it for those beautiful blooms.

3. Try a curved petal tip- a curved petal tip helps create gorgeous lacy petals with relatively little effort. Hold the tip parallel with the cookie, curve facing up, and pipe petals by turning your wrist in an arc, and giving a little back and forth wiggle for an extra beautiful lacy petal.

4. Work with odd numbers- I learned this one from my college geology professor who was once a landscape artist. This one really did apply to my future, Dr. Webb! The human eye is drawn to add numbers groupings. Flowers also tend to have odd numbered petals stamen and leaves in nature, so it makes them look more realistic and natural when you pipe in groups of either 1, 3 or 5.

5. Use two different tones and shapes for leaves- I like to do a couple different shades of green for leaves, again this makes it look more natural. I also like to mix different ratios of yellow and black together to make these shades. That's something I learned while painting with my granny as a child. She would make the most beautiful realistic greens. The ones that came straight from the paint palette were too bright and candy like ,but the ones she mixed herself with black and yellow made leave that looked just like the ones in her garden.

The cookies in the picture above will be part of the florals class coming soon to the SG cookie Academy. You can purchase the class individually or become a member to get access to all my classes, the exclusive cookie academy Facebook community, and monthly live group coaching from me where I answer all your cookie questions!

Check out the video below for more on piping flowers!

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