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Cookie Making Game Changers

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

There was a time before I was a cookie decorator. Making sugar cookies used to be a lengthy, messy, and difficult project for me when I would attempt an occasional batch of holiday cookies. I've spent almost a year getting my cookie baking process down to a fast, smooth science. I want to give you the sweet and condensed version to hopefully encourage you to try your hand at cookies while you #stayhome #stayhealthy and #staysafe. These are my equipment game changers. Just a few little inexpensive gadgets can make such a difference!

Silicone baking mat: 🙌 no more adding flour to the counter before rolling and making your dough dry. No more fighting with a spatula to peel the dough from the counter. This thing has saved my sanity and kept my counters clean! Mine is just a cheap clear silicone baking mat from Amazon and I love it! Any nonstick baking mat will do the trick. Roll your ROOM TEMPERATURE dough between this and parchment paper, and when it's perfectly level (see below) flip it over, peel away the mat, and add another piece of parchment before freezing. Done.

Cake Dowels: Therese can be bought at any craft supply store. I'm pretty sure Walmart had them. You could also just grab a1/4 or 1/2 inch wooden dowel from your local hardware store and cut it into smaller pieces. I've used paint sticks and pencils in a pinch. I place one of these on each side of my dough while rolling and use them to help level the rolling pin. Yes you can get the fancy dough roller that has the rings on the sides, but those make lines when you're making alot of dough! Having dinner sort of guide is so helpful for getting even thickness cookies.

Pre cut parchment paper: this is one of my more recent discoveries. I'll never go back to treating my own parchment from the roll again! It sounds pretty y'all but it saves a ton of time and parchment paper. They are perfectly sized for a baking sheet too!

Zip locs: so simple but so helpful. Pop your room temp dough in one of these bad boys to keep it from crusting while you roll in small batches.

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