3 Days to Decorating Email Challenge

There are several things that have to be taken care of before you can pick up the piping bag and start decorating cookies. Ingredients to be bought, dough to mix and chill, the list goes on. For awhile, I didn't know where to start, so I put off making my first batch of cookies. I don't want the prep before the party to be a barrier for you, so I've created this 3 day email challenge! This is perfect for the beginner who has never decorated before! Its the nitty gritty of exactly what you need. It will help you break up the prep tasks, so they're not so overwhelming!

Each day for 3 days you'll have a few quick tasks (for example, buying groceries, downloading the recipe, laying out butter to soften etc.) sent to your email that will have you ready to decorate by day 4. This breaks the tasks up, so you don't have to clear entire days in your calendar to bake. If you work, you can complete these tasks in the three evenings leading up to your off day and be ready to decorate on your day off from work. If you're a stay at home mom, these tasks can be completed during nap time or after bed, whenever you have a moment of quiet.

I know we are all gearing up for the holidays, so this is the perfect way to sharpen your skills before that holiday baking rush begins.

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